Yurchalka is the Off-Road Monster which can go up to 120mph. Yurchalka is completly custom made vechicle which is only one of a kind.
600 Hp, Turbo Diesel Duramax Engine is suped-up not to the maxium.
Having such a car will bring you hundereds of friends anywhere you stop.
Yurchalka's cockpit has GPS and Digital Electronic Temperature Control.
Besides outstanding 4X4 capability, the luxurious Yurchalka offers all 9 yards in comfort.
Canyon lands, Utah. 2007. On the jeep trail.
You can get anywhere, but don't try to drive another 3 yards. Look at the next picture and you will realize where you can end up.
Try to find Yurchalka in the red circle.
Colorado river, way beneath Micke Thomson tires.

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