Lake Powell six in the morning - it's gorgeous
Old Toyota Land Cruiser is too big for narrow Moab jeep trails
Lake Tilicho in Nepal is the highest in the world for its size
Little fisherman village in China
Morning mountain view on Annapurna track. Nepal.
The foot and the creek...
In Nepal the distances are huge and the backpacks are heavy
7500 M. peak in Dhaulagiri region. Nepal.
View from Poon Hill. Nepal.
The sunset in remote part of India
Cactus looks about the same in any part of the world
This fellow wait 110 pounds , but he carries 120 . Nepal

If you look closely , you will see a lizard . Rain forest . Brazil .
Mike and Jay from Summit Auto enjoying their Jamaican water falls .
The goat
The bird

Mike and some other fellow enjoying life in Jamaica
More goats
Drinking detail on a raft trip
Swimming under the waterfall is always fantastic !

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