Jensen super excited about catching a baby alligator.
Veoletta and Lama ate inseparably connected.
Very few know that Piranha is the best tasting fish on the planet
From left to right: Forbidden Fish, (Mike on the top) Dog Fish, Red Piranha
Ostrich loves Veoletta. Veoletta loves Ostrich.
Capybara, considered to be the world's biggest hamster (up to 900 lbs)
Bolivian guide Huancho and his girl friend Haides on the honeymoon trip on peak Austria.
Mountain guide Lucio, all you could see in his vision, is the mountains.
Sunshine before the summit always excites the climber.
Mount Alpamayo is steep and fantastic.
The summit ridge of mount Alpamayo.
On the Summit.

Lunch - brake in the mountains with such a view can never go wrong.
Mount Sahama. The tallest mountain in Bolivia is in the background. We'll climb it tomorrow.
Sacred Bolivia in village before the sunset

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