Yak Steak in front of Mount. Amadablam cannot be wrong in mourning hours.
Conquering the steep face of peak Imatsu.
Mountain Amadablam in mouring hours of rare good weather in Nepal.
Mount. Macalu, so dangerous and mysterious, try to climb it and you die!
Base camp at Mount. Llampa. Elev. 16,700 feet.
Tibetian Monestaries are still the most remote spots on Earth. They are not open much for the outsiders.
Mr. Denton. Bad weather, but hell with that.
Carens, in Peru are made with pride, for some people it took weeks to make one.
The Chinchilla lake on altitude of 5200 M. in Peru. We found at least 10 wild chinchilals around it.
Sherpa Dendi Nepal. They do not use spoons.
Peru, Mount Chopoqalkui, carrying the loads to the base camp.
The first pitch of vertical wall, I am leading the way, hanging one rope after another.

George belaying me carefully, he understands, if I die, he will not fill right
URUIEY CRISHNAIDOVICH BUDDA, stepping on the top of Chopoqalkui, one of the most pictureous mountains in Peru.
On top of the Mountain, the 3 of us teamed up as usual, 22,800 feet.
North and South Hauskorans standing up after they have been climbed by us, the men...

Mountains. They always call
Elev. 22,900 feet. Mount. Ankhuma, Bolivia.
Climber Juancho is near the summit of Mount. Nevada Potosi.
Mike & Naris Rojo on the summit of Nevada Potosi.

Fishing can never go wrong.
Canyonlands, Utah. Before the jump...
Beduin Hussan Abdurahman Ib'n Giggles, ruining his only car in Canyonlands.
Bolivian woman. She looks old, but she's only 17.

Our cook/porter/guide/local hero Mr. Smith.
On the summit of Mount. Castleguard, winter solo ascent, Canada.
Sand can be dangerous!

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, we climbed it, have you?
Track in Nepal. Coming back from Everest climb. It could be hard, but it isn't.

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