In our freetime, we like to go travel and climb. Nepal, Himalays; for example.
Mike Goldin, the owner of Summit Auto has traveled and climbed in over 90 countrys all over the world.
Conquering Peak Imatsu in Tibet.
Colorado Durango. 1 of the 14ers.
George. Spanish call him: Senior Naris Tojos Rojo Grande. He's the tuff nut. He'll climb anything vertical, he'll walk anything horizontal and he'll eat anything eatable.
George again. My climbing buddy for fifteen years. But look at him now. He don't feel good does he? (After a serious climb).
Is that me? No way! Yes it is. Nepal. After 14 hours track.
Namchi Bazar, Nepal, the last frontier to buy anything.
Me and my bannans. Believe it or not,They are 73 cents for two pounds.
Namchi Bazar. Nepal. If you not satisfied, take a walk 15,600 feet elevation.
Everest and Lhotse view from 100 miles away. Nepal.
Veoletta and the fish she just caught. She's the luckiest fishing girl on Earth.

My son Jensen, and the dead fish, go figure?
Nepal, Nuptse etc... mountains on the North East at sunrise on khumbu Jls.
Veoletta in Pourtugal sometime ago.
Morroco. They do not have modern architecture.

Camels are not as good as Subaru, but they'll do.
The desert, it so misterious. Have you been there?
The Padishah of Morroco is very rich and well of, yet he doesn't wear socks? Is that right??
La Paz. Bolivia. The highest capital of the World. Elevation 14,000 feet.

-"Better be sure twice, then do not know once!"
Estern Greenland. There are no porters. If you week, no luck, you sleep cold.
In Iceland Icbergs are typical and everywere.
Northen fyerds of Iceland. Mysteries, but bueatiful.

Yuriey Crishnaidovich Buddah. He can catch anything if it is anything to catch
Mike Goldin, the owner of Summit Auto ascanding another slope on his 4x4 toy.
Canada. Red Lake. THE PIKE it is alwaus great.Annual trip to Canada.
India, the pink city, nothing to add...

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, we climbed it, have you?
Track in Nepal. Coming back from Everest climb. It could be hard, but it isn't.

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