B.V. ( Buena Vista, Colorado) is the ultimate playground for SummitAuto staff. Winter or summer, day or night, there is no better place to be the beautiful B.V.

Sosul'ki. (in russian means icycle)
View from our window of our house in the mountain
Wild Hempster can not survive without food for more then 4.5 minutes. It s a fact
Our Free time

Hang Hong Hung pass.
Game time
More game time
Game Over

Fish tailing
That is snowmobiling
Fun begins now
Jump, jump, jump

Veoletta enjoys B.V's flowers
Happy Men
Nothing is better then fresh black currant and gooseberries

Buena Vista
The ice build up on the top mount Yale
Twin lakes in winter
Braking the trail is always simple and pleasant

Shadow allay in Pine Creek

Our neighbors. All these critters live no further then 100 yards of our house. We love them, we feed them, they love us, but DO NOT feed us.

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