Mike Goldin - the owner of Summit Auto
Veoletta Goldin, our accounting and state-patrol professional, General Manager and Nationwide car delivery manager.
Jensen Goldin, our youngest member of the team, being a son of Mike and Veoletta, he doesn't have to work much. Yet he does.
Big man Leonides, in previous like Romulus's empire, nowadays handyman at all costs.
Serge. French engineer yet Russian engine mechanic, very good at that.
Edward Petrovich; R&R master, and used parts stocker, computerized roadforce operator.

Mike Goldin, still owner of SummitAuto
Evgueni Khaletski, he tried to write novels, but due to the mental difficulties, novels did not come out very well.
Igor Vitalevich, He can solve any problem.
Arcadei; our body shop and painting professionals. "They work miracles!"
Konstantin Sverchetski, professional enterpreter. Unfortunatly enterpretations had been tough lately.
Dr Schertz, is our technology pioneer and private diyetologist.
Subaru/Yurchalka 650 horsepower duramax engine with Allison Tranny.
Nice looking girls always look nice. Veoletta and Genya. Our associates.
The Crew of Summit Auto ready to go fishing. Native Georgian man Batut is in the middle.
We got forklifts?
Subaru/Tarahtelka Cummings Turbo Diesel powered, it's bigger than our landlord Charley, who is, by the way, the coolest guy on earth. But smaller than a Semi-truck.

Our guinea pig. She's beautiful & she pee's a lot.
We fix other cars too.
Cars are ready for delivery, then to be sold.
Our critters, (from left to right) Couch-potato, P-machine, Herring.
Chinchilla Couch-potato wouldn't trade anything for a good nut.

Veoletta, our executive manager.
Chinchilla Wrinkles.
Hard working Fellow and kind harted
Andrey Kurchinko, always ready to fix something.
Mike and Veoletta, the owners of Summit Auto are Celebrating Mike's 45th Birthday in Eastern Greenland in 2005.

Summit Auto's Attorney at Law, Mr. Wes!
It is beautiful to be among friends.
Comrade Captain Khaletski
"The Master"
J Khaletski in every day uniform

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