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Hummingbird is our love and passion

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Guess what?
Our cat is bragging about Subarus!!

Our prices. We will beat the price of any licensed Subaru Dealership. And we will beat the price of any independent Subaru dealership or repair facility for as well. We guarantee it or
Did you, know...

The owners of SummitAuto Mike, Veoletta and their son Jensen are always ready for snowmobiling.
Did you, know...

When Subaru outback gets stack Subaru Arctic Cat will go!
Did you, know...

Even the StoneMan loves the Subaru.
Did you, know...

Life without the fish is meaningless.

Anything we do in Summit Auto: service, used part sale, engine installation, or a car sale has 1 year warranty. While the service is preformed, regular or even warranty, we provide a loner, at no charge to the customer (best to call in advance to reserve a loner).

Did you, know...

in some countries Subaru parts are delivered on foot

Did you, know...

In other countries Subaru parts are delivered by fishing boat.

Did you, know...

Downtown Denver once in the past.

Did you, know...

Svinoobrazzzz... The most svinoobrazzz animal in the world.

Know this...


Know this...

For Veoletta extreme snowmobiling easier than eating a cake!

Did you, know...

Perdelka, however...
Did you, know...

Colorado it's fantastic!
Did you, know...

In our freetime, we like to go travel and climb. Nepal, Himalays; for example.
Did you, know...

Did you know? That in Iceland there is less
ice then in Greenland.
Did you, know...

Did you know? That we like cows as much as Chinchillas.
Did you, know...

There is nothing prettier then looking in the bike rear view mirror, towards new adventures.
Did you, know...

Chaffee County, Colorado, Now!!!
This is Colorado!

It may be some problem by trying
to trim this beard.

Hamster "Cody", unless he is fed 14 times per day,
he will be very mad...


Subaru/Yurchalka is not a common Subaru,
because there are not too many of them around.
In fact, this is the only one.

Did you know? That Greenland is not that
green sometimes. By the way,there are
no Subarus in Greenland either.

Did you know? All our clients are usually
as happy as this guy!...or this guy!

Did you know, that real life is
much better then artificial?

Our Chinchillas. We love them.

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